Certificate of Compliance

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

All work subject to a Compliance Certificate carries insurance to protect the consumer against defective work of the plumber. You should retain your Certificate for six years as evidence of your cover.

Compliance Certificate

Compliance Certificate must be given to the consumer and lodged with the Plumbing Industry Commission for the following work

1. Where the total of the plumbing work including appliances, materials and labour, no matter who supplied them, has a value of $500 or more.

2. (a) The installation, relocation or replacement of any gas-using appliance.
(b) The conversion of a gas-using appliance for use with a different gaseous fuel.
(c) The installation, modification or relocation of consumer gas piping (other than work that is carried out on consumer gas piping by, or on behalf, of a gas company and that is incidental to the modification of the gas company’s assets under provisions of an accepted safety case under the Gas Safety Act 1997).

3. The construction, installation or alteration of any below ground sanitary drain or associated gullies.