Hot Water System Installation, Service & Repairs

Ensuring your heating is working safely and efficiently.

We all need hot water. It’s a requirement for any household, and so getting the right system installed is an important decision.

At On Call Plumbing, we install, service and repair hot water systems. With our industry experience, we’ll advise of the right system for your household, and ensure proper installation that is up to code. We follow all required procedures, including removal of existing hot water systems too.

If your existing hot water system has failed, we’ll take our look and evaluate the issue. If we can, your hot water system will be serviced to full working order again, or alternatively we can replace the system if required.  

Hot Water System Installation

Installing a new hot water system can be confusing for someone without industry experience. Mick from On Call Plumbing has been dealing with hot water systems across his entire career. He’ll outline the pros and cons of different systems, and help you find a solution that’s suitable for you.

There’s a lot to weigh up, from cost to efficiency. There’s a few different systems to choose from too. 

  • Storage Hot Water Systems
  • Continuous Flow Units
  • Solar Systems
  • Pump Systems

We can’t tell you via this website what system will be best for you. To make a reliable recommendation, please give us a call to help us understand your situation and needs. 


Servicing & Repairing Your Hot Water System

If you’re finding your hot water system isn’t performing, it might be time for a service or repair.

Sometimes hot water systems begin to leak, or fail completely. They may have been damaged, or they may have just aged over time. 

Regular servicing and inspections can prevent future problems. Our servicing includes correct cleaning and testing across the system to identify any faults or problems.