Stormwater & Drainage

Drainage that's predictable, even when the weather isn't

Living in Melbourne, we can’t predict the weather. From a sunny afternoon to flash flooding, it’s imperative that your stormwater plumbing and drainage is doing what it is meant to.

We’re experts in stormwater drainage installation and repairs. We’ll be there to consult on your landscaping project, or to help with a blockage. It’s our job to make sure water moves away from your house, and flows freely into correct drains. 

Don’t DIY it – use our professional expertise in water flow and movement to ensure you have the right solutions.


New stormwater installations

Have a new build or landscaping project? Getting your stormwater right is important for those days of heavy downpour.

We’ll evaluate your property, including slopes and water flow. Installing drainage correctly so that water flows away from your house is vital, so you don’t experience any unexpected flooding or pudding. 

Correct stormwater drainage from the start will eliminate future issues (and expenses), and could save you thousands in unexpected repair or maintenance. 

We’ll take you through the required stormwater drainage solutions that we suggest, using our 30 years of plumbing expertise. 

We’ll provide stormwater solutions to residential, commercial and industrial properties. 

Have a stormwater issues? Flooding? Puddling and Incorrect Drainage?

You may notice problems arising on days of heavy downpour. Flooding or blockages may become evident. Sometimes, your property hasn’t been designed properly to deal with stormwater.

If you’re having an issue after a heavy downpour, On Call Plumbing is here to assist. We’ll help resolve blockages and other stormwater issues.

Our industry experience allows us to correctly identify and resolve problems – if it be a blockage or faulty design. We can also replace drains and pipes if your existing ones require it.

Don’t let the next heavy rain become a bigger problem. Give us a call to help eliminate the issue today.