We make the messy stuff clean

No matter if you’re building a new property, or have a problem on an existing property. On Call Plumbing has over 30 years of expertise behind them when it comes to sewerage.

We can resolve blocked sewerage, sewerage leaks, and collapsed sewerage lines. If you need a sewerage repair quickly, we’re available 24/7.


What to do if your sewer is blocked:

There’s nothing worse than having a problem with your sewerage. Blocked sewerage systems cause major problems, and they need to be cleared.

Blockages can be cleared, sometimes by yourself. However, the cause of the blockage needs to be found, and properly removed.

That’s the benefit of using a qualified plumber. Give us a call and outline your problem. You might have a blocked toilet, or it could be tree roots interfering with your pipes. We’ll use our technology to locate and resolve your blockage.

New Sewerage:

Need a new sewerage line? We can help install new sewerage lines or replace current lines. Our industry experience and expertise follows strict safety requirements and guidelines, so you can be certain everything is up to code.

How to prevent blockages in your toilet:

The most important thing to remember is to only flush toilet paper (and the natural stuff).

Even ‘flushable wipes’ aren’t flushable, as well as tissues, paper towel, and sanitary products. 

Stick to toilet paper, and a reasonable amount (don’t use too much).