Gas Leak Detection

If you suspect you have a gas leak, you must act now

A gas leak can be incredibly dangerous. On Call Plumbing is a licensed gas fitter, and we work to detect gas leaks and repair gas-lines for the safety of you and those in your home or workplace. We work with natural gas, and LPG.

We use specialist equipment and standard practises to safely test and resolve your gas leak. We will find your problem, and take the safest steps to repair and service your gas pipes, heaters or appliances.

Gas Safety & Signs of A Gas Leak

It’s important to understand the right steps to take when it comes to gas safety.

If you believe you have a gas leak, you ned to call a professional immediately.

Some signs of a gas leak could be:

  • You believe you can smell gas or a ‘rotten’ smell.
  • A fault in your appliance or heater.
  • You are feeling nauseous or dizzy.
  • A ‘spike’ in your gas bill (higher than usual).

Even if you’re not sure, it’s best to take precaution, and allow a licensed professional to take safe steps in detect any leaks or faults.

We suggest you turn off any gas appliances and your gas supply to your home or building.



How can we help?

Give us a call if you suspect you have a gas leak or fault in your property. We’ll visit you on-site, and use professional equipment to conduct safe testing to eliminate problems.

This includes pressure testing, and using high quality equipment before, during and after we conduct your repairs. 

We follow standard procedures, and keep up to date with all laws and regulations for proper gas installation and repair. 

With over 30 years of experience, our expertise is second to none. We’re here to help find and fix your gas problem. 

How you can use gas safely:

Nothing like a backyard bbq. But to ensure things run smoothly, your gas line needs to be correctly and safely connected.

  • Inspect your hose, fittings and seals. They should not have any signs of splitting or wear. If they do, they need to be replaced.
  • Tighten all your connections securely.
Testing your connections:

Test that there are no gas leaks by brushing soapy water on all your connections.

  • Mix a small amount of washing detergent with water.
  • You can put the soapy water in a spray bottle, or just a dish.
  • Making sure your BBQ is switched off, turn on your gas bottle.
  • Apply your soapy water on all of the connections, and over the hose.
  • If you have any gas leaks, you’ll notice bubbles appearing.
  • Turn your gas off immediately if you detect a leak.