Water Leak Detection

Suspect a leak? We detect and repair water leaks.

When we have a water leak, not only does it cost you a fortune in water bills, but it can cause major damage to your property.

On Call Plumbing can help you detect and stop your water leak. We’ll help with the appropriate repairs while we’re there.


When to call your plumber

If you notice any of the signs noted below, it’s best you call us for an on-site inspection. We’ll use our professional equipment and 30 years of expertise too detect and repair your water leak.

Signs you might have a water leak

  • A rise in your water bill
  • Physical damage, such as water marks, mould or bubbling paint in your walls, floor or ceiling.
  • Excess water, puddling, dripping.
  • Unusual moisture outdoors, or an odd patch of green grass.
  • A drop in your water pressure.

It might not always be obvious that you have a water leak. It could be that your water bill seems unusually high. 

Other times, it’s physical indicators like mould, water marks or bubbling paint in your building. Not only is this cosmetic, but it can be dangerous to your health and wellbeing. Mould and fungus commonly causes health issues. Other interior and exterior damage can cause hazards too.

Watch out for obvious signs of a leak as well. If you’ve noticed excess water, dripping or puddling inside or outside of your home or building. It might be an unusually green patch of grass, or a continuously damp part of lawn